Shadywood Quilts

Shadywood QuiltsThe 'LONGARM' branch of the business. Our primary business is to provide quality machine quilting services for anyone who wants to see those unfinished quilt tops turned into afinished quilt. Whether it is a utilitarian quilt or custom heirloom quilt that you want, we have a solution for you.

Blogging along

For the most current projects and what is going on, check out my BLOG. Lots of pictures, tips and tricks.


T-Shirt Quilts of Texas

"T-Shirt Quilts websiteThe Scrapbook you can sleep under. . . ". Turn that collection of t-shirts into a collectible gift for your graduate, college kid, fireman or whatever.

Welcome to! I hope you'll take a look around, you'll find a little of this, and maybe more of that! Everythng from Quilting, Knitting, DIY, re-purposing, remodeling and our critters.

Here we feature the quilts Betty has made for personal use aside from the quilting she does on a professional basis at Shadywood Quilts and T-Shirt Quilts of Texas.

The Girls



"The girls" are four Rhode Island Red Hens that give us an abundance of eggs everyday. In turn we spoil them rotten and they think they are our adopted kids.

Oh and there is also Beula and Nellie, two goats that are supposed to be mowing the back acre, but have only done a great job at trimming the bushes around the fenceline!