Quilt Gallery

This is "Rosewood Cottage", just finished the top this week (9/9/2002).  Had to do one of the side panels over, because I left one of the side panels somewhere in Italy while we were on vacation! 

Feb 2003-Machine pieced, hand blanket stitched appliqu?.  Machine quilted using a  Gammill longarm machine - what fun!  Was a little late, but gave to Lindsey before her trip to Paris March 2003.

Jan 2014- This quilt now resides on Grand-daughter Olives bed.

Cathedral Window.  This throw sized quilt is a combination of machine and hand work.  The base is machine pieced, then the color pieces are added by hand.  This was my 'traveling' quilt.  This was great for working on when driving back and forth to visit the kids' at college.  Took a couple of years to finish, but finally finished in 2004. 

This was a little pile of blocks from Donna Jr.s Grandmother from the 1930's.  They had a little of brown staining, but with some soaking in Orvus, and a little TLC, got them looking pretty good.  I set them together, added a couple of borders.  That little strip of purple just makes it pop. 

Hand Quilted, and I gave it to Donna (& her mother Dort) for Christmas - 2002.

This is the Autumn Harvest wall hanging that I started at Oklahoma State Quilters Retreat in September (2001 - Western Hills Resort).  Cynthia Regone is a GREAT teacher.  Take a class from her if you get a chance.  She is so creative, and you'll learn a lot.  

Finished quilting this one - October 2004.

See the Savannah Stars  next page, for another of the quilts that Cynthia designed.

This afghan sized quilt is made entirely of flannels.  This was pieced in 3 days while we were snowed in over Christmas 2000.  This started my passion for flannel quilts.  Still my favorite quilt to snuggle up under on a cold night.

Machine pieced and machine quilted by Betty Baker- December 2000, Tulsa, OK.

This scrappy afghan sized quilt is made up of mediums and lights.  It started as the Mystery Quilt for the Oklahoma State Quilters Retreat Fall 2000.   I did not like the original layout, and ended up taking it all apart and re-designed it in this manner, and adding the 3 outer borders.

Designed, machine pieced and hand- quilted by Betty Baker - 2000-2001, Tulsa, OK


This was a fun project this winter, playing with flannels.  The squares are 6" squares, and the panel at the top is based on a pattern I saw.  I actually machine quilted this one myself with a large meandering stitch.  This one was a gift to Rachael and Robert (since I haven't made very much more progress on the Wedding ring).

Machine pieced and machine quilted by Betty Baker, Tulsa, OK.

  ZTA Pink Ribbon Quilt - Rush - August 2000.  Every girl that went through the Zeta Tau Alpha  sorority house in Stillwater, OK (OSU), signed a pink triangle in permanent ink.  Betty  [with help from her stitch group] appliqu?d all of the pink ribbons in alternate blocks.  This quilt was auctioned off in October 2001; with proceeds going to the Tulsa Project Woman, Inc.

This last picture is the quilt hanging at Sacs, the evening of the auction.

"Christmas Tree Farm" -   This afghan sized quilt has over 40 different blues and blacks, each 'tree' is a different green.  The red and green 1 " border is made up of about 30 different fabrics.   

Machine pieced and quilted by Betty Baker - 1991

Around the Twist.  The top for this was almost completed during an all-nighter at Jeri B. house back in the 1980's.  Our stitch group (Quilt 'N Stitch) used to have an annual all-nighter.  What fun !.

Machine pieced, hand quilted by Betty, Glenpool, OK.

Crazy for Crazy-Quilts.  This was done in 1996.  It's made up of nine -  6" blocks.    Really got carried away with the stitches and embellishments! Used this as my class sample when teaching Crazy Quilts.