Quilt Gallery - 2017 Finishes

Pepperment Patty quilt

Peppermint Patty. Blue & white Square in a Square with pink & white nine patches. Started at Keiserhoff quilt retreat in 2003. Enlarging the quilt top from double size to king size.

June 2017 quilted and bound.

Prismatic Star

prismatic star close up

Primatic Star- pattern by Quiltworx. Took this class with Carol Thelan. Finished it in time for the quilt show at WHQG.

Didn't win anything at this quilt show [what?], but learned a lot with this qsssssssssssss quilting.



This little quilt sampler was started WAY back in the 80's when I still lived in Tulsa OK.

Our Bee (Stitch group) had many elderly ladies in it [I was the youngest by probably 10 or 15 years]. Ended up calling it the 'dead people quillt' because so many of the stitch groups members had died (or moved away) since it was started. The deal was, you gave the fabric to the members of the group, and they gave you back a block. Each block is autographed by the maker.

FINALLY finished it up, some 35 years later. Wow. Check out what I did with the back of the quilt, because I didn't have enough of any of the fabric to make a back.


WHQG had a challenge where you used ONE color and either a white or black background. Again, didn't win anything on this one, but the winner was OUTSTANDING.

My favroite color is orange, so I worked with 60 degree triangle and hexagons for this quilt.

Custom quilting in each hexie, and in each of the trianges.

This mini "Trip Around The World" quilt was done in 30's reproductions prints and pink bubblegum borders. Check out the chinese coin border and exquisite quilting.

Also, included is a closeup of the quilting


This quilt is for sale.


Olives Clothing Quilt - Made from Olives [ my grand-daughter] baby clothes. As requested by my daughter, there is a RUFFLED pink border.

It is on the machine, and has been quilted and gifted to Miss Olive.