Quilt Gallery - 2018 Finishes

prairie flower quilt

Prairie Flower. Received the blocks as 'birthday blocks' from Bee members in 2017. Fabric are from a Tula Pink fabric collection. Put the top together in 2018 at another Bee retreat. Gifted to Charis House, in Pennsacola Florida, A Ministry for Women Struggling With Addiction. My best friends neice is a resident there.

Pattern from Quilters Niche.

2002 - Flower Garden variation   All of the  flower petals, stems  and leaves are appliqued with a hand stitched button-hole stitch.

Apr 2017 - Get to remove this one from the list. My sister-in-law has custom quilted it for her daughter! Finished up Dec 2018 and gifted to Ann Moormann-Tang.


BRIGHTS churn dash blocks only.   Started 2010 (block swap - NO Pitas) 

Finished the quilt top at retreat in 2018.

Finished the Quilt top and gifted to Sharon Dixon to be quilted and given to the Charis House.

4 quilts for Darcis kidsJan 2018-Made 'big boy' quilts for my four nephews. They are all red and blue/Texas themed because at the time they lived in Texas. Now, they live in up north in Oregon.

Made two of the quilts (on the left) 'the same, but different' because of the twins.

Darci let them pick which quilt they wanted and each made a bee-line to their quilt of choice.

Lindseys Wedding Ring Quilt

Lindseys Wedding Ring - This was actually a pattern where the blue sections were divided into 4 parts. Picked India dyed batiks, and woosed out and had my sister-in-law (Laurie) piece it. I quilted it and she finally got her quilt some 9 years after her wedding (OK, again, wanted to make sure it lasted... )