Quilter's Strip Poker

What a fun game to play at a guild meeting, ice breaker, retreat or where ever a group of quilters gather.

One of the activities was a game of Quilter's Strip Poker. It reminded me of "Bunco", where there are a group of women at each table, and a die is rolled until a bell is rung. Then you move tables and play again with different ladies until the bell is rung again.

The die is specially marked - each side has either a "C", "L", "R", "X" or a Star. (We took a regular die and used a Scripto pen to mark the sides. A die has SIX sides. We used the sixth side as a 'PASS' or 'Lose a Turn').

2.5" Strips of fabric are used instead of chips. It is quite a lot of fun when you win the bounty of strips in the middle!

Quilter's Strip Poker

To Begin, all players put 1 strip in the center of table (ante).

Players take turns clockwise rolling the die once for each turn.

C = player puts 1 strip in CENTER of the table.

L = player gives 1 strip to player on her LEFT.

R = player gives 1 strip to player on her RIGHT.


* Star - player TAKES ALL the strips in the center of the table

X - player LOSES ONE TURN (a die has six sides) or you could use one of the other options for the sixth side.

Then all players, again, put one strip in the center of the table. Continue playing.

When bell rings, move to another table taking 'your' strips with you.

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