Miscellaneous Quilt Blocks and Repairs

Miscellaneous quilt blocks - Did you find a bargain at the flea market or inherit blocks from your grandma or aunt?

Have you collected blocks in a swap?  Let me turn those bits and pieces into a quilt or wall-hanging that you and your family will treasure for years to come.  

Donnas Quilt blocks This is an example where I took a pile of blocks that was all this lady had from her grandmother.  She had no idea what to do with them.  

I took the blocks, cleaned them with ORVUS (a very gentle soap) and then found some contemporary reproduction fabrics that merged with the time period of the blocks.  I added the purple inner border which brought out the purple in the blocks and added a 30's reproduction print as a final border and for the backing.   

The 'other' set of blocks she had, I was not able to do anything with. The fabric had 'rotted' and would disintegrate if you tugged on the fabric at all. There was nothing we could do to save those blocks.


New Blocks or Old Blocks

The blocks you have don't have to be old, they might be from a project that you started years ago, and know you won't finish.  Maybe they are the blocks for the quilt you promised for your oldest child's wedding, and they just celebrated their 5th Wedding anniversary!  
(NOTE: OK, I have to admit, it took me ten years to get my kids wedding quilt completed!!!)

Just contact me, and we can discuss what you would like to have done. 

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