Block Builder Swap Group

This is a special area for our Mulberry Quilting Chapter (The Villages, FL) group to keep track of our Block Builder Series. The documents are also posted on our Private Facebook Group for Mulberry Chapter (must be a member of Mulberry Chapter to see pages).

This new project is about using your scraps and creating blocks for scrappy quilts. It is up to you whether you make quilts for yourself, grandkids or maybe your favorite charity. The whole idea is to give yourself a 'mini-deadline' to get these blocks done. The fun is making scrappy quilts and working with others! Maybe improving your quilting skills, but mostly, let's just have fun. Some swaps will include learning a new technique.

Swaps Starting in 2022

We are starting with blocks that 'play nice together'. Nine Patches, HST / QST (Hour Glass) and Snowball blocks. Stay Tuned!

    • 6" Nine Patches
    • 6" Hourglass or QST
    • 6" Snowballs
    • 6" Rail Fence *

    • Fractions
    • Half Log Cabin
    • Leftovers Again
    • Garlic Knot
    • Log Cabin (14")
    • Arkansas Crossroads
    • Twisted

*Notice the theme. they are all 6" finished blocks, which mean they 'play well' with others.

For The Locals

I will have handouts ($1 each that goes to the Chapter) for those interested on the third Tuesday of the month. Come to the Chapter meeting and be ready to join in any time during the year. No pressure. Each month a new block will be presented. All are welcome.

PDF downloads are always available on our Mulberry Chapter FB, click on FILES

For Those Mailing the Blocks

Y'all in Canada and Up North - if you want to participate while you are back home, you are welcome to mail your blocks, and I will mail the swapped blocks back to you. Don't forget to include postage. All swaps will be posted on the Mulberry Chapter FaceBook page under files. Don't forget to allow time for USPS to do their thing! Address is listed below.


NOTE: Some folks opt for me to 'hold' their blocks and return mail the swapped blocks at a later time. No problem doing this. We can stuff quite a few blocks in a flat rate Priority Mailer.

Swap Labels

Whether you are swappping locally (ie, Chapter meeting) or mailing in your blocks, please include the following