Pantographs (or Edge to Edge) Quilting Patterns

Pantographs are patterns that are quilted from the left edge of the quilt to the right edge and the quilting is completed irregardless of the pattern of the quilt top.

Our pricing for Pantographs are based on three levels of density.  The higher the density of the quilting, the higher the cost for quilting.

Sample Pantographs

The edge to edge style of quilting is very popular and very cost effective.  It consists of a repeating design over the entire quilt top, from one edge to the other.  You choose the design, or let me choose for you. Some of the more poplular patterns are shown below. I have hundreds of patterns in my library to choose from.

$0.02 per square inch for most patterns.

Here is a sampling of the hundreds of pantographs that we have available to quilt your quilt top. If you don't see what you are looking for, or have seen a pattern that you like somewhere else, just let us know. We probably already have it or will be happy to try and locate it.

Keep in mind that we use a computer so the patterns that use are digital and not printed on paper. Many designers have patterns available in both digital and paper format. We can re-size patterns to perfectly complement YOUR quilt.

CLICK HERE* to download a pdf file with a more complete list and larger images of the patterns. (*Note - VERY large file)

Sampling of Patterns

Please note that the name of the pattern is BELOW the image, not above the image!
Adjust the size of your screen to make images line up! (4 columns seem to work best)



Aarons-Train-e2e Abbie-3

Abbie-3 African-Heat-Wave

African-Heat-Wave African-Safari

African-Safari Agave

Agave Alfresco

Alfresco All That Jazz

All That Jazz Allegiance

Allegiance AlphaDoodle

AlphaDoodle ALP_b2b

ALP_b2b Amazed

Amazed Ambrosia

Ambrosia Anapos

Anapos Andis-Shazam

Andis-Shazam Angelica

Angelica AngelWings

AngelWings AngelWingsBegonia

AngelWingsBegonia angle-play

angle-play animal-crackers

animal-crackers Arabella

Arabella Arabesque

Arabesque Aralia

Aralia Art Doodles

Art Doodles ArtDeco

ArtDeco Aspen

Aspen Avante-Garde

Avante-Garde axel

axel Azaleas

Azaleas Ba-Da-Bing

Ba-Da-Bing Bahia

Bahia Bam

Bam Basic Curled Feather

Basic Curled Feather BasicScribble

BasicScribble Batik

Batik bats

bats Bauhaus

Bauhaus Beckers-Shooting-Star

Beckers-Shooting-Star beehive

beehive Bellflower

Bellflower Belly Bop

Belly Bop birds-and-bees

birds-and-bees Blackberry

Blackberry Blooming Feathers

Blooming Feathers Boardwalk

Boardwalk Bohemian-leaves

Bohemian-leaves bossa-nova

bossa-nova Bountiful Feathers

Bountiful Feathers Bread-Basket

Bread-Basket BREEZE

BREEZE Brocade

Brocade Bubble-Weave

Bubble-Weave Bubbles

Bubbles Bubbletime

Bubbletime Bumpity

Bumpity butterfly-bliss

butterfly-bliss cabaret

cabaret Cafe du monde

Cafe du monde Calliope

Calliope Camellia

Camellia Carpenters-Square

Carpenters-Square Cascade

Cascade Celebrate

Celebrate Celtic-Cross

Celtic-Cross Check and Chase

Check and Chase Cheerful

Cheerful chevron-e2e

chevron-e2e Cheyenne-Feathers

Cheyenne-Feathers ChinaGrove

ChinaGrove christmas-doodle-ornaments_1

christmas-doodle-ornaments_1 Christmas-Forest

Christmas-Forest christmas-lights-2

christmas-lights-2 Cinnamon Swirl

Cinnamon Swirl Circled-Loops

Circled-Loops CircledLoops

CircledLoops ClamshellFan

ClamshellFan ClamshellEcho

ClamshellEcho Continuous Baptist Fan

Continuous Baptist Fan CoolBeans

CoolBeans CountingSheep

CountingSheep Cow Poke

Cow Poke cowboys

cowboys CrazyPuzzle

CrazyPuzzle Crimson-Rose

Crimson-Rose Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball Curly Feathers

Curly Feathers cuttie-patootie

cuttie-patootie Cyndis Feathers Swirl

Cyndis Feathers Swirl Daisy-Doodle

Daisy-Doodle Daisy-Doodles

Daisy-Doodles Debs-Swirls

Debs-Swirls Diagonal-Plaid

Diagonal-Plaid Disco

Disco DNA

DNA Dogwood

Dogwood DoodlesTheDog

DoodlesTheDog double-pebble

double-pebble DoubleBubble

DoubleBubble Dragon Wings

Dragon Wings Dragons-Breath

Dragons-Breath drunkards-path-sun

drunkards-path-sun Drunken-Feathers

Drunken-Feathers Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller Dusty-Miller--grande

Dusty-Miller--grande dustymiller

dustymiller Easy-does-it

Easy-does-it Ebb-and-flow

Ebb-and-flow Eddies Swirl

Eddies Swirl Fairy-Floss

Fairy-Floss Fan-Feathers_2

Fan-Feathers_2 fanfare

fanfare Fantail

Fantail Fantasia

Fantasia Fantasy Feathers

Fantasy Feathers Fantasy Garden

Fantasy Garden Fascination

Fascination Fast Feathers

Fast Feathers Fay-Feathers

Fay-Feathers Feather Fall

Feather Fall Feather Flower Allover

Feather Flower Allover Feather Flower

Feather Flower Feather-Boa

Feather-Boa feather-dream-e2e

feather-dream-e2e Feather-Fancy

Feather-Fancy Feather-Fanfare

Feather-Fanfare Feather-Flip

Feather-Flip Feather-Meander

Feather-Meander feather-meander

feather-meander Featheration

Featheration Feathered heart E3E

Feathered heart E3E FeatherNflower1

FeatherNflower1 Feathers & Swirls

Feathers & Swirls Feathers-With-A-Twist

Feathers-With-A-Twist FeelinGroovy

FeelinGroovy FeelinGroovy

FeelinGroovy Fern-Gully

Fern-Gully fields-of-dreams

fields-of-dreams Finesse

Finesse Fire-Feathers

Fire-Feathers fire-flower_1

fire-flower_1 FireLily

FireLily Flight-of-Fancy

Flight-of-Fancy flipping-frawns

flipping-frawns Floating-Clouds

Floating-Clouds Flora

Flora Florence

Florence Flounce

Flounce Flower-Power

Flower-Power Flower-Spray

Flower-Spray Flowering-Plum-2

Flowering-Plum-2 Flowing-Feathers

Flowing-Feathers Fork In The R oad

Fork In The R oad Funky-Fan

Funky-Fan Fusion

Fusion Gardenia

Gardenia Good-Vibrations

Good-Vibrations Gossamer

Gossamer Got-Thread

Got-Thread Grandio

Grandio Haiku

Haiku HalfFeatherSwirls

HalfFeatherSwirls Halo

Halo Happy-Times

Happy-Times HeartsAFlutter

HeartsAFlutter Heraldic-Hearts

Heraldic-Hearts HereComesTheSun

HereComesTheSun Hexcellent

Hexcellent Hilbert Fill

Hilbert Fill Holiday-Bells

Holiday-Bells Holiday-Isle

Holiday-Isle Holly Swirl

Holly Swirl Honeycomb Bars

Honeycomb Bars Honeycomb Effect Vertical

Honeycomb Effect Vertical Honeycomb

Honeycomb Hot-Nights

Hot-Nights Hot-Rod

Hot-Rod Humble-Feather

Humble-Feather Jacobean-Leaf

Jacobean-Leaf Je-Taime

Je-Taime Keukenhof

Keukenhof KissedFeathers

KissedFeathers Kites

Kites Lavish-Leaves

Lavish-Leaves LazyBow

LazyBow leapfrog

leapfrog Lida

Lida Lovegrass

Lovegrass LuciousLeaves

LuciousLeaves m-StarSwirl

m-StarSwirl Mach-2

Mach-2 MaidenHair

MaidenHair Mandarin-Lace

Mandarin-Lace MapleDance

MapleDance Marbled-Feathers

Marbled-Feathers Marmalade

Marmalade Maze-

Maze- Meandering-Geranium

Meandering-Geranium Meandering-Holly

Meandering-Holly MechanicalStars-2

MechanicalStars-2 Mimosa

Mimosa Modern Simplicity Wavy

Modern Simplicity Wavy Modern-Blocks

Modern-Blocks Morning-Glories

Morning-Glories Moulin-Rouge

Moulin-Rouge MyFriendTed

MyFriendTed New-Delhi

New-Delhi NewBubble

NewBubble North-Wind

North-Wind Onion Skin

Onion Skin Oodles-of-Doodles

Oodles-of-Doodles Orbit

Orbit Oscillating-Ovals

Oscillating-Ovals Outside-In

Outside-In OutsideIn

OutsideIn Paisley-2

Paisley-2 paisley

paisley Paradise Feather

Paradise Feather Parfait-Grande

Parfait-Grande Passion-Flower

Passion-Flower PeacockPlumes

PeacockPlumes Pincurl-Feathers

Pincurl-Feathers Pirouette

Pirouette Plumeria-Garden

Plumeria-Garden Poinsettia-5in

Poinsettia-5in Pricke-Patch

Pricke-Patch PRPANTO0706

PRPANTO0706 puppy-paws

puppy-paws Rapunzel-b2b

Rapunzel-b2b Razor Shell

Razor Shell rebekah's-rose

rebekah's-rose Rebekah-Rose

Rebekah-Rose renaissance

renaissance Resplendent

Resplendent Retro-revolution

Retro-revolution Ribbon-Candy

Ribbon-Candy Ribbon

Ribbon Rodeo

Rodeo Rose-Garden

Rose-Garden s-BOO-ky

s-BOO-ky Saturn-Swirls

Saturn-Swirls Sea-Scape-b2b

Sea-Scape-b2b Seafoam

Seafoam Season-Greetings

Season-Greetings Simple Squares

Simple Squares Simple-Butterfly

Simple-Butterfly Simple-Jacobean

Simple-Jacobean Simplicity

Simplicity SimplySquared

SimplySquared Slumberland

Slumberland SnowDay

SnowDay SnowGLobe

SnowGLobe Soar-eagle

Soar-eagle SpikeySpiral

SpikeySpiral Spirals1

Spirals1 Splash

Splash splendor

splendor Spooks

Spooks Spring Fling

Spring Fling Square Dance

Square Dance string-of-lights

string-of-lights string

string SweetHibiscus

SweetHibiscus Symphony

Symphony Tailfeathers-L

Tailfeathers-L Tapestry

Tapestry Techno

Techno Texas-Star

Texas-Star TigerSwirl

TigerSwirl tilt

tilt tracery

tracery Travel

Travel Triangle-Maze

Triangle-Maze TriangleTangle

TriangleTangle Trinity

Trinity Tumbling_Clowns

Tumbling_Clowns Two-Simple

Two-Simple Undulate

Undulate Venice-2

Venice-2 Venice

Venice Verve

Verve Voltage

Voltage Wandering-Spirals

Wandering-Spirals Water-Dance

Water-Dance WaterWorld

WaterWorld WavyBars

WavyBars Wedding-Bouquet

Wedding-Bouquet west-wind-e2e

west-wind-e2e Western

Western Whisper

Whisper Whole-Lotta-Love

Whole-Lotta-Love Wild-Wind

Wild-Wind Willow

Willow Willowy_Weeds

Willowy_Weeds Wisteria

Wisteria Woven-Wind

Woven-Wind Yo-Yo

Yo-Yo Yodel

Yodel Zig Zag

Zig Zag ZigZag 2 Meander

ZigZag 2 Meander zippling