At Least 80 Quilt Commandments!

You know what they say. There are no Quilt Polilce! Hmmm, some folks think they are! Here is a list of around 80 'commandments' that you should take to heart when quilting.

Main take-a-way - Safety tips and don't let them get you down. Do what YOU want to do. Be careful, Be Safe...

Comments in italics are my own snarky opinions!! No offense meant!

Didn't add much in the way of images, because I want YOU to use your imagination.

  1. Thou shalt "press", not "iron". (And STEAM is your friend! That's just me- SOME professionals don't like steam!)
  2. Thou shalt always budget so that fabric is a priority. (Who needs to eat or heat-or A/C your home-LOL)
  3. Thou shalt always close the cover on the rotary blade between cuts. (Me, not always... but I try)
  4. Thou shalt always feel honored to help a beginner. (Definitely, I LOVE enabling people to be as additcted to quilting as I am)
  5. Thou shalt always have at least 4 ideas on your "my next quilt will be" list....
  6. Thou shalt always have at least three quilting projects going. (Oops. my 2022 UFO list has over 50 items on it).
  7. Thou shalt always have UFO's to brighten your life.
  8. Thou shalt always label thy quilts. (meh.. sometimes yes, sometimes no)
  9. Thou shalt always measure for borders through the center of the quilt to the opposite raw edges. (Uh, no... sometimes I just chain piece 8 WOFs and add them as I go. I am Longarm Quilter and can work with it.)
  10. Thou shalt always practice safe rotary cutting; cutting with the rotary blade going away from your body.
  11. Thou shalt be creative in hiding the size of your stash.
  12. Thou shalt build an ark, and thou shalt fill it with two bolts each of every colourway of every pattern of every fabric line of every manufacturer. (Yeah, I've done that....)
  13. Thou shalt challenge thyself to trying something different. (Well, yeah)
  14. Thou shalt challenge yourself and others to try new colors, styles, skills that we may learn from each other. (That is how come I am now in charge of a 'demo' every month in my quilt chapter!)
  15. Thou shalt change the machine needle often, (or at least on every Tuesday-).
  16. Thou shalt change the needle in the machine when it's so dull it won't penetrate the fabric. (When you hear that 'thwacking' noise, that means your needle needs to be changed.)
  17. Thou shalt cherish the love and satisfaction in every stitch.
  18. Thou shalt do charity quilts with pleasure of giving. (Just use the good stuff, just because it is 'charity' does not mean your ugly, cheap fabrics and poor quality workmanship).
  19. Thou shalt enjoy the process.
  20. Thou shalt ensure that all thine creations go to a loving home. (My theory is that if family does not send a thank-you note, they won't get a second quilt).
  21. Thou shalt feed thy family at least one (1) home cooked meal a week while trying to get that quilt done for the show. (Hey, have you heard of frozen dinners?)
  22. Thou shalt finish all swaps and be in the mail by the deadline. (Also, all the other rules, like don't use cheap fabrics, square your blocks.... give what you would like to receive.) See new area about quilt block swaps.
  23. Thou shalt follow thine inspirations, no matter what anyone says. (Or how many UFOs that creates)
  24. Thou shalt give thyself permission to be unique, creative, and innovative.
  25. Thou shalt giveth freely any good quilting tips. (Leave in comments below)
  26. Thou shalt honor thy quilts by giving them only in love and not out of a sense of obligation.
  27. Thou shalt honor thy stash by having SEX (Stash Enhancing eXperience) often. (That means to go to those Quilt Shows or Shop Hops and purchase at least one item per shop).
  28. Thou shalt honor your deepest creative impulse and express your true vision. (oohh, I see ORANGE..)
  29. Thou shalt jointh all the swaps thee little heart desires. (AMEN)
  30. Thou shalt keep a quilt journal to remember where thy quilts have gone. (Maybe, I keep an UFO List that I update each year).
  31. Thou shalt keep your collection of quilting books smaller than that of the local library. (Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. Get rid of those old books. They haven't been looked at in years, and you probably won't look at them in the next ten years)
  32. Thou shalt learn new and creative ways to say "Oh no, honey. That fabric isn't new. I've had it a long time...."
  33. Thou shalt make it such that every stitch is made with love.
  34. Thou shalt measure twice, cut once.
  35. Thou shalt not agonize so much over planning thine quilt that thou canst not enjoy the quilt-making process. (OK, have a glass of wine!)
  36. Thou shalt not answer a compliment with "Oh it's easy". Especially one from thy son-in-laws who cannot imagine putting all those pieces together.
  37. Thou shalt not be anally-retentive about being perfect. The corollary: thou shalt observe the "Galloping Horse at 10 Miles Away" rule for judging perfection. (Unless submitting to a quilt show with professional judges... THEN, you must make sure the little mitered corners of your bindimg are stitched close - oh, ask me how I know--LOL)
  38. Thou shalt not be too critical of oneself. Perfection can only be aspired to, never attained. Take it easy on yourself. It's a 'learning experience'. Maybe you just learned you are NOT ever going to do it again.
  39. Thou shalt not count anything under a yard as "fabric on hand" when asked why the stash is building.
  40. Thou shalt not covet your best friend's stash! (Unless she shares!!!)
  41. Thou shalt not criticize the quilter, lest she become wrathful and poke you with a seam ripper!
  42. Thou shalt not deny a cat a nap on any quilt or pile of fabric. (hmmm, don't have a cat, and hate seeing cat hair all over a quilt I am getting ready to quilt... Let that kitty sleep on the quilt AFTER I get done quilting it!)
  43. Thou shalt not fault thy husband for not knowing a selvage from a bias, especially if he is supplying the stash cash.
  44. Thou shalt not horde UFOs, as they become NFOS (Never Finished Objects), thou shalt give them away to someone who will finish them for charity quilts.
  45. Thou shalt not impersonate the Quilt Police. DON'T be that Person!!!
  46. Thou shalt not make a quilt without making a note of where the pattern came from. (And, WHEN you started it, and maybe WHY you started it)
  47. Thou shalt not make obscene gestures at the quilt police. Learn the rules, then adapt them to suit yourself.
  48. Thou shalt not make suggestions about how you would have done it differently when a friend shows you her newly completed quilt. (OR when taking a quilt class).
  49. Thou shalt not neglect thy friends and family by being over-ambitious in quilting.
  50. Thou shalt not pass judgment on those who use thine quilts in ways other than what you intended. (OK, if they are using it on the front fender while doing engine maintenance on a car.. you have premission to hit them up side the head and take the quilt back. True story.)
  51. Thou shalt not point out missing points.
  52. Thou shalt not presew a seam without thread in the bobbin. (if only)
  53. Thou shalt not rotary cut whilst tired, or after too many margaritas at quilt retreat.
  54. Thou shalt not show jealousy towards others' quilts or quilting abilities. (Instead, ask them to share their experiences, do a demo or teach a class).
  55. Thou shalt not sit on a quilt, as thou might poppeth thy stitching. (Didn't understand this one. USE a 1/4" and no problem).
  56. Thou shalt not skimp on buying many quality quilting fabrics, as they are the pallet of thine art. (Hubby asks why I need so much fabric... when relating to an oil painter, do they buy 'just enough' paint to finish a portrait? I think not.)
  57. Thou shalt NOT turn up thy nose at another's restoration project, no matter how dirty or smelly. (NOTE: vinegar takes that smell out!!)
  58. Remember, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". A family quilt WILL BE a beautiful heirloom to them once again, when completed.
  59. Thou shalt not use the selvages in any quilt. (Please, cut those selvages off. It's a quarter inch for crying out loud)
  60. Thou shalt obey the copyright laws.
  61. Thou shalt oil thy sewing machine. (My Pfaff says NOT to oil, My Gammill, she is thirsty!!!)
  62. Thou shalt pick up all pins that have been dropped so that thy dearest family members don't step on them.
  63. Thou shalt plan your quilt well so thou can relax and enjoy the making of the quilt.
  64. Thou shalt practice moderation in all areas of thine life--except quilting!
  65. Thou shalt practice/warm up your hand and/or machine quilting before making a pitiful mess.
  66. Thou shalt put down your work and go to sleep shortly after your eyes have crossed.
  67. Thou shalt read (most of) directions BEFORE cutting!
  68. Thou shalt refuse to allow the Quilt Police into your sewing room
  69. Thou shalt remember that stars in the sky are merely circles with no points, and as such, stars in quilts do not require points. (Maybe)
  70. Thou shalt remember, "Done is better than Perfect".
  71. Thou shalt share your quilting tips with others!
  72. Thou shalt spread The Word to youth and elders alike, converting all you can to The Way of Quilting.
  73. Thou shalt stop quilting at least once a month and wave thy duster around (it only needs 5 minutes Uhmmmm No.)
  74. Thou shalt support thine Local Fabric Store.
  75. Thou shalt swap only 'good' fabric. (No Wally World or Joanns.)
  76. Thou shalt understand that there is an exception to every quilting rule.
  77. Thou shalt understand that there is no such thing as an ugly quilt. (You just need to cut the fabric smaller)
  78. Thou shalt use at least one 'ugly' in a quilt top, thee will be surprised at the look
  79. Thou shalt use paper scissors for paper and fabric scissors for fabric. (Ask my kid who used my Ginghers to trim her cuticles!)
  80. Thou shalt use thine scraps to make quilts for charity, so that those less fortunate may know the joy of sleeping beneath a quilt.

Hope you enjoyed this. I added the snarky comments. Let me know if you have any additons.

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